Monday, 11 August 2014

Saughton Skate Jam 2014 - NEW DATE

Due to bad weather, the Saughton Skate Jam was postponed, however, the organisers have just confirmed a new date. It's now happening on 23rd August 2014.

For more information, check out the events page on Facebook.
There are some great Mindless prizes up for grabs!!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

James Allen Trailer

Check out this awesome trailer that James has put together.

As James's Videographer simply put it "He did a skid and I did a vid."

Full length video to follow.

Featuring: Mojo wheels, Talisman trucks & Hoodoo Bearings.

Pearse D'Arcy

Before Pearse left for Europe he sent us raw footage from a race he competed in. It's worth watching all the way till the end:

Love the celebration at the end! 

Monday, 4 August 2014

Pearse's European Journey so far..

Pearse is off competing around Europe.

This is a brief collection of photos and descriptions of his adventure so far.

"We outta here! First stop Wales to see homeboy Sion and skate the awesome hills of Wales for a day!! STOOOKKKKKEEEEDDDD!! "

"Halfway to Almab, 5 hours deep. Long drive worth it though to skate this epic hill!"

"Tire has burst on Autobahn, 295km away from Almabtreib. Nightmare of a situation, need help."

"Arrived in Prague ahead of going to Kozakov for the second world cup of the trip. Almabtrieb was awesome, didn't do to we'll unfortunately due to shitty legs. 7.30 and it's still 35˚c!! #justchilltour"

"Shooting round the first left at Almabtrieb, one of my favorite hills I've ever skated! — with Surf-Rodz."

"Eurotour has been awesome so far! Kozakov is over and we're at KnK in Slovenia now Unfortunately due to a lot of road rash, thunder and lightning and a lot of rain I have only gotten to skate one day of the past two. Todays weather is terrible but it looks like it might get better by tomorrow and then we'll be back at it. Here's a shot from Samy Cantieni from Day 1 here at KnK "

"KnK is over! Spent the last three days shedding this awesome hill in the scorching heat. Now heading on a 4 day journey to Peyragudes across Italy and along the Mediterranean, cant wait!! Pic from Sickboards Longboards"

Looks like awesome hills, weather and people. 

Videos and more photos of Pearse's time away to come soon.

Longboarding LA to NYC

Some of you may have noticed that we have been sharing a few posts from a page 'Longboarding L.A to NYC - Film' across Facebook and Twitter.

These guys are riding across the USA from LA to NYC. They've set themselves a target for the adventure:

"We want to create a film to inspire other young people to get out there and be motivated to create their own opportunities, rather than simply rely on a good education. Our film 'Skating L.A to NY' is a feature length documentary film following three teenage boys as they skate on longboards 3000 miles from L.A to NY in under 60 days."

Here at Mindless we're always fans of LDP (Long Distance Pushing) and doing what you love.
Rupert came to us full of passion and a portfolio of videos that he had produced, so it was clear to us that he meant business.

So here we are, the gang have been supported with product, and in return we get an awesome adventure to follow with great media!

A whole bunch of training is in store before the main trip. To start, they visited Wales for a long weekend, Rupert had this to say after they finished:

"So we made it! Late on Thursday night we arrived in Broad haven on the coast, 250 miles away from Rhyl after 5 tough days of skating. We would like to thank The Teenage Cancer Trust, Alibi Drink, and Mindless Longboards for their support we wouldnt have made it without them. We can't wait for all of you to see the film we are putting together about our adventure!"

Check out the products featured:

Additional Photos: