Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lucozade Yes Campaign feat. Mindless

So I'm sure many of you will have seen the recent adverts for the Lucozade Yes Campaign. They love our products so much that they used the Mindless Team Wheels on their billboards. Next time you're waiting for a bus, check it out:

Lewis Crathern on Mindless

Late last year former British Kitesurfing Champion, Lewis Crathern, leapt to fame by jumping Brighton Pier. When shredding concrete waves Lewis likes to ride Mindless longboards. We wanted to share some of his awesome shots with you so check them out below!

Brighton Pier Jump:

Lewis riding Mindless longboards:

Brighton Pier Jump Video by Fat Sand Productions:

Nimball & Creeper Wheel Test

We recently flowed top French downhill longboarder, Thib Le Guen, our Mindless Creeper and Nimball wheels to test. Check out how he got on in the shots and videos below!

Nimball Wheel Test:

Nimballs test La croix saint robert 2011 from thib38 on Vimeo.

Creeper Wheel Test:

Full Mindless Range

Here at Mindless we offer longboards for all types of riding whether you're into bombing hills, shredding through the streets or cruising down the seafront. Check out our full range of products by clicking here.

Here's a quick snapshot of what we offer:

Mindless Longboards

Here at Mindless, we have been producing our own boards, bombing the hills and carving the streets for over a decade now. So whilst we’ve gone and got ourselves a fresh new style for your viewing pleasure, you can rest assured there is a wealth of knowledge and experience, invested in every board we make.

Every single layer of ply is hand picked, checked and finished before being individually pressed to make the great boards you see gracing these hallowed pages or cruising the streets. Our philosophy is simple; make the best products we can at the best possible prices, without substituting quality for quantity!

All of our boards and components are designed and sourced by us and us alone. This means we have complete control over every aspect of the board, resulting in a unique Mindless experience for you. What you see is what you get; quality boards and components finished with the same amount of love and attention you would expect from any major name in the longboard scene.

We’re always looking for riders to rep Mindless and we will continue to offer a multitude of prizes to give away for competitions. So this year, we’re stoked to be even more actively involved with the longboard community.