Thursday, 26 June 2014

Mindless Talisman Trucks vs Standard Longboard Trucks

The Mindless Talisman, our premium longboard truck, from a distance looks like any other truck but, if you take a closer look, you will see that it's very different from the rest!

Firstly, this truck was fully designed in-house. Many hours, and days, and weeks and months were spent getting it designed, tested, redesigned and retested, until this beautiful model was born!

Up close you can see that it looks different already. The Mindless branding is embossed into the metalwork, along with the wings shape and Talisman script.

It's not just the cosmetics that make it different though. The Talisman trucks have a great spec that separates them from standard trucks.

We will use our standard truck, that can be found on the classic boards, as an example here. Those trucks are great performers and have been very reliable for us. We rate them highly, which is why we use them so much in our longboard range but of course the Talisman is our premium model, however, and has a lot more of a custom spec underneath all that beauty.

Better quality Aluminium and casting techniques, have allowed us to make it lighter yet stronger and, as well as the improved grade of aluminium, the metal is completely heat treated to T6 for increased strength.

PU Pivot cups reduce truck slop
 and our custom skull ball pivot and eye shape kingpin hole allow the truck unrestricted turning

The double barrel cushions give better rebound and turning control while the long kingpin allows the truck to take other sizes of bushings.

The Talisman has a fixed kingpin which makes maintenance and adjustments a lot easier, and the flat top washer allows the bushing to flex and move more (helps rebound/control/feel).

So that's a bit more information to help you see why the Talisman trucks are so special to us, and what makes them stand out from the rest.

We believe that these are some of the best trucks out there, but don't just take out word for it, see what other people have said about them. There are quite a few reviews online, including this one from Le Boulon:

Mindless Talisman Trucks are available in Polished, Matt Black and Sandblasted finishes, and are available from all Mindless Voodoo stockists. Just search online.

Don't forget to check out the Classic Talisman range. Some of our best classic longboards fitted with the Talisman Trucks!!

Thib Le Guen - Outdoor Mix Festival 2014

Check out these awesome speed shots of Mindless rider, Thib Le Guen in action at the 2014 Outdoor Mix Festival!!

Thib Le Guen - Riding a Mindless Velocity

Thib Le Guen

Thib Le Guen (Left - Black and White Outfit)

Check out some of the footage…