Monday, 31 March 2014


Mindless rider, Thib Le Guen, recently headed out to Belgium for some awesome riding with LRBX.

Check out this awesome edit of their adventures, but be warned, there is some nudity.

RIDERS : William Seynave, Thib le Guen, Cedric Scheers, Michael Claessens

Friday, 14 March 2014

Fan Footage Friday!

Check out this rad video from Mindless Fan | Fabio Topo Spalvieri

He's riding our Mindless Wreather deck. 

Who's jealous of their amazing roads?

Monday, 10 March 2014

Skate For A Cure

A little while ago, we were approached by an enthusiastic longboarder and his father looking for some sponsorship and support with a charity event they were setting up, called Skate For A Cure, in memory of someone very close to them and to raise awareness for the Brain Trust. 

Reading about the Brain Trust and the Lucas Garrity Foundation really touched us so we wanted to help out and give our support. We have been in close contact with them and have been doing what we can to support this great cause. 

We caught up with the main organiser, Josh Bodgers, to get more of an insight:

Tell us about yourself and the team who will be skating with you:

Well, I have been longboarding for the past year and a half; my first board was a Mindless pintail, which I loved! Since then I’ve had a large array of boards and I have mastered a range of longboarding disciplines. I am constantly working on new techinques and widening my range of skills. I will be skating with a team of 8 dedicated riders who are all very close friends of mine who have also been touched by Lucas’ story.

This is a very special cause that you are raising money and awareness for.
Has it been difficult speaking about it, or does it help to be doing something so positive?

Its been quite difficult and upsetting talking about Lucas and the cause because its such a sad story but doing this event will make me proud to say I’ve helped as much as I can. Doing something I am so passionate about helps me express my feelings about Lucas better.

When and where will the event be held?

The event will be taking place at Teggs Nose (Goyt Valley) in Macclesfield, Cheshire. It will be held on Sunday the 23rd of March.

How far will you be longboarding?

We will be longboarding a total distance of 45 miles all in one go.

How have you been preparing for the event?

Me and my friends who are taking part have been making distance commutes of around 40km (there and back) between Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, and Altrincham as well as learning tricks and skills.

After this event, do you plan on organising or taking part in any more?

After doing our skate I definitely intend to do a larger event which will hopefully include a longer skate and some very ambitious skate related events. I will also want to try and get more kids, and teens into longboarding by them seeing me and my team skate. After this I would love to teach longboarding at all stages and all disciplines and ages of kids.

Huge thanks to Josh for speaking to us and the best of luck to you all from the whole team here at Mindless! 

To keep up with all the latest on the team's progress and to show your support, please like their Facebook page Skate For A Cure. They also have a just giving page set up for this event,

Here's a little video put together by Josh and his friend to show them setting off to test out some of their boards and find a location to skate.