Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Newest Team Rider | Pearse D'Arcy

Pearse approached us during our recent rider search. 

With him already being hooked up on decks and trucks, he was only after wheel and bearing sponsorship. 

We were happy to oblige, his downhill style and skill is rad.

His profile is now live on our website including a short video, his first few runs on our wheels: 

The sheep add an element of unpredictability.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Talisman Truck Review | End User : Toby Newman

Awesome to hear some end user feedback! 

"Whats up Mindless! Been trying a set of your Talisman trucks recently and I'm very impressed. The quality seems to be on par with many of the big truck companies out there, zero slop in the kingpin and the pivot! Bushing seats are great too, not too restrictive but keep the bushings snug in place. Combined with the ball pivot and open kingpin hole in the hanger they lean and turn butter smooth. Felt plenty stable even at 50* with some Amish washers and Venom bushings. Great job, think I'll be riding these alot.
Cheers to Will Mackenzie for the photo, taken at a muddy and poop covered Bo Peep." - Toby Newman.

Great photo of Toby Newman by Will Mackenzie at Bo Peep!

Thanks for the kind words Toby!

Thrill Mag | Rustler Review!

Thrill Magazine sent us this picture of them testing our Rustler last year! 

To see their review on the Rustler check out Issue 6 of Thrill. 

Rustler Specs: 

Jack from Thrill Mag testing the Rustler out in a nice bowl

Keeping the line video!

Looking for an awesome video?

The guys from Thrill Magazine have you covered! 

"K Rimes fills us in on how he keeps his line. Beaut." 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lakota DT

We love to hear user feedback! 

Our current Featured product is the Lakota DT! 

Have you guys had a chance to experience it? 

Anyone as happy as Thib?

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Mindless Rider - James Allen!

James Allen came through as part of our new riders search we held in late 2013. 

Already he’s impressed us with his style and attitude, can’t wait to see how he develops!

Keep up to date with his latest updates: