Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Campus 2013 Is Here!

Check out the all-new Mindless Campus mini cruiser that has just come in!

An old school inspired V-tail that has been given one hell of an update!

All the spec details are in the image below and it is hitting the shops right about now.

Mindless Campus 2013 Mini Cruiser

Monday, 8 July 2013

Weekend Chilled Push!

With the first nice days of the British ’summer’ arriving, we went for a evening chilled push. Only a few phone photos!

Send in your pictures to our Facebook page, we’d love to see them!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Mindless Voodoo Teasers.

Mindless Voodoo Teasers. 

Below are a selection of teasers of our brand new 
Hand designed Mindless Voodoo Range. 

Lakota DT

High precision CNC wheel wells & drop through mountings coupled with the Mindless Talisman truck makes for a smooth & progressive ride.


Concave pintail with adjustable truck mounts for ultimate adjustment. 

Bamboo PLY not only looks great but performs in any situation be it carving or cursing the Lakota is sure to work its Mindless Voodoo Magic on you.

Mindless Mojo Wheels.

Featuring our very own special Mojo formula urethane. 

Available in three different styles, Cruise/Carve, Freeride & Downhill in a range of formulas there's something for everyone. 

Extensively tested by our riders across the world, we firmly believe these wheels will give you instant confidence to push your limits.

Perfect for a smooth around town cruiser that still performs. 

Traditional Coarse Sand Spray grip meets fibre, bamboo composite construction.

Retro finish with modern riding characteristics.

HooDoo Bearings

Built for devilish speed and silky smooth rolling.

Allowing you to push yourself to the limit
and beyond if your brave enough.

Concave pintail with CNC cut wheel wells.

Available in two colour ways very soon!

Juju Bushings.

Available in a selection of our custom urethane formulas

Talisman truck. 

High precision custom designed Skullball pivot. 
Gravity cast for strength. 

Juju Bushings as standard.